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Our knowledge of the latest technology and the ability to valuate equipment fast and objective guarantees you the technical optimum for your Event.What the industrial sector calls development means worldwide research and application-technical inspections as well as detailed contemplation of every aspect for MLC Rental.
That is why we trust in our uncompromising and professional principle, of course in every offered field. Professionals, which will work targeted for the common goal.
You profit from our huge rental park, which is, because of our quality standard, always up to date. As well you profit from our skilled technicians, which will be at your side at every time.As an innovative technical service provider we offer solutions, that allow our customers, to  set themselves apart from the variety of events and competitors, for more than 18 years now.

Business activities


There has to be a perfect cooperation of every individual performance to make an event a success.


There has to be a perfect cooperation of every individual performance to make an event a success

This requires a high amount of precision and organization as well as modern technology and sophisticated logistics. That is why we offer a service right from the beginning that makes it possible for you and your event to react to changes at any place and any time. Because of our own car pool, a modern repair shop as well as a huge and extensive rental park we can guarantee you to be the uncomplicated and professional partner at your side when you need us. Furthermore we have the possibility to intervene on location because of our national and international cooperation.


A good and successful business relationship bases on mutual respect for the abilities of the particular partner.

Thereby trust, recognition and the knowledge of the expectations of the partner can grow. From the first hour on we made it our duty to communicate with modern technology on the shortest way possible, we prefer to contact our customers personally. A competent partner will guide you right from the beginning, with all the knowledge he has. That is how we eliminate risks and form a safe fundament on which your event and your success can be built.


High quality equipment, a flawless technical and optical condition as well as optimal service make us one of the most innovative and reliable partners in the industry.

MLC Rental uses high-end products of the leading brands, that are approved nationally and internationally, consistently.

Audio Engineering

Optimal and unforgettable acoustic playback is only possible through professional equipment and qualified technical staff. That’s why we work with highly qualified personnel and the best equipment of notable companies only:

Midas, EAW, Nexo, d&b, LAcoustic, Crest, Camco, Shure, Sennheiser, Soundcraft, Yamaha

Light Engineering

Light allows the beholder to visually participate in emotions and occasions, to immerse into a world of difference or just to be stunned. But also, light can be a requirement for making information and facts visible. Therefore, we use high-end equipment of professional manufacturers only:

ARRI, High End Systems, Clay Paky, Martin, ETC, MA Lighting, Flying Pig, LLT

Audio Visual Equipment

Today, modern audio visual equipment is found at nearly every kind of event. With this, information, image and message of brands are expressed. There have been developed fascinating and impressing possibilities, especially in the creative sector, in recent years. You can find everything from projectors, camera equipment, displays from 21” to 103”, administration technology and silver screens to LED-walls and creative-LED-technology in our rental park.

So it’s no wonder, that we own one of the grandest inventories of 6mm LED-Walls in the greater area of Stuttgart. Also in the field of audio visual equipment we trust on branded products exclusively as well:

Barco, SONY, Panasonic, NEC, Samsung, EIKI, Sharp uva


In this sector, especially safety and quality are most important. To guarantee maximal safety, our equipment is meticulously checked and our technicians undergo further education at a very regular basis. Of course only licenced technicians are doing this kind of work.

MLC Rental has a broad range as well as a big number of diverse cross beams available. Different designs, dimensions and colors make it possible for us, to react to every eventuality.


Safety, optics, building speed and price are important criteria when it comes to stages and grandstands. From pedestals and ramps to round arch stages and special constructions – we cover the whole range.


We would be happy to make you an offer and to send you our price listing.

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